When I first heard about money blocks I thought damn is this magical mystical thing the one thing that is blocking me from making the money I so desperately wanted? Was this the one mindset issue that I hadn’t begun to overcome?


That had to change! I had to know what the secret key was because I knew I was ready for the money to come rolling in.


You see all my life I had been working working working but just never quite getting there. I knew I wasn’t unusual but it never made sense to me why the big bucks seemed to be getting further and further away the more I worked!


I understood about being an entrepreneur as I had watched my dad build a very successful business. My childhood was an idyllic one full of wonderful holidays and experiences but above all with no money issues and complete sure of being secure. And the older I got the better his business was going, until I was an adult when he finally lost it all and decided to go back to being employed.


So I began my research, I read books, I watched webinars, I literally searched for all the information available on the internet.


I realised that the secret key to solving your money blocks is by re designing how you feel about money. Because money blocks are tied into how you think and feel about money in a negative way.


Now to be honest at this point I almost cried, I mean I didn’t think negatively about money, I loved money, I had loved and appreciated it all my life, and if I didn’t have money blocks then my lack of success was down to just not being good enough!


This was a hard pill to swallow…….until my positive mindset kicked in. You see being a mindset coach does not mean that you won’t have mindset issues at time, it just means you have the tools and the know how to recognise that you need to work harder in one area.


So I did I stripped it back to basics, I worked on my self worth to eliminate the feeling of not being good enough that had began to slip in. I began to focus on my affirmations and my positive self talk. I upped my meditation and my mindfulness keeping thought of money blocks in the back of my mind and focusing on my feelings around it.


And then one day, BAM! It hit me, like a light bulb I suddenly realised what my money block was. You see for me I when I think of money I think of success. In each area of my life when money began to come closer, weather that be a pay rise or the opportunity to take on a new job, I would back off and keep my head low, sticking with what I knew and what I was comfortable with.


MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH! So this was my starting point, and I back chained events in my life until I realised, my money block was attributed to my father’s loss of success. You see when my father lost his business I began to think “there is no point working hard and being a success because you can lose it in an instant” and the feelings I had around this were all negative, fear, scarcity, worry, lack, anger, frustration, uncertainty. You name it I had it. I realised I had been suppressing all these feelings because I was trying to remain positive and strong for my family, but by suppressing them I had never dealt with them so they had followed me throughout my life.


This gave me a new sense of drive and a new sense of appreciation for the work that I do. I worked hard using all my mindset tools to remove this negativity around success which in turn removed those feelings around money.


I now do not move away from challenges, I no longer duck away from success and I am more determined to keep becoming more successful and never duck out again. I have to say this has been one of my biggest mindset achievements so far in my journey.


What big mindset shifts have you had on your journey? And how did you deal with them?


And if you’re struggling with your own mindset issues and want to know how I beat the money blocks let’s connect, because caring is sharing :) and I love to share!

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