Don’t let your Mindset be the thing that holds you back!

Do you ever sit and ponder about where you life is going and where it has been?


Don’t let your Mindset be the thing that holds you back!


I did that recently and I really had a big WOW moment.


My first business was in MLM, I was desperate, financially I was a mess, so although I was worried that I would fail I simply had very little other options.


One of my fears when I first started my journey I was fearful of being judged.


And guess what I was mocked from within the business and from ‘friends’.


I began to believe what they were saying was true.


I had massive self doubt due to an abusive relationship.


For years I had been called stupid and dumb and lots of other words not appropriate for a blog.


So stepping up and showing up was hard and the slightest negativity would send me right back.


I had no real knowledge of business so the overwhelm was real. I had to learn on my feet, I had to figure things out with very little budget and I did all this while working 2 jobs.


The burn out was real and procrastination began to seep in.


I wanted to give up, I wanted to just go back and hide in that life I had come from, that I hated and just stay playing small because it felt safer.


But I knew it wasn’t safer, living on the breadline is never safe, but more importantly living in fear is not a way of life anyone should live.


And that’s when I heard about MINDSET.


I began to research it, I soaked up all the information I could find. I networked with lots of people, asking questions and picking their brains. I hired a coach to expand on that knowledge. I worked with people on their mindset issues to see if I (little old me) could actually help people with all the knowledge I had learned!


And the results started flooding in -


I helped my friend who has depression create a more self belief and begin to actually start living a life that she had always wanted to without the fear that had held her back.


I helped another friend to stop judging her success by others people’s standards and truly recognise all that she had wanted to achieve, she had, this allowed her to make new goals to work towards in areas that filled her heart with joy.


I helped my partner create mindset strategies to help him work through is mental health issues and put him in a place where he is now starting his business in an area that he is passionate about and seeing the world in a more positive way.


And these are just a few of the big results that I was experiencing, so I decided to take my knowledge and share it with the world. I started my Mindset coaching business. And since then I have helped hundreds of women business owners create a mindset that allows them to -


Show up for himself.

Remove limiting beliefs.

Accept themselves and love themselves.

Live a life where fear is a challenge to be gleefully take up rather than run away from.

Create clarity and focus in their lives

Find out what journey is the one for them.


And within all of that, within all the proud moment when I see my clients make massive breakthroughs, when I see the fear of fear lifted, when I see the motivation spring back into their eyes, there is my success that caused me to have my WOW moment.


I realised I had come so far in such a short space of time.


From full of self doubt to loving myself.


I moved away from the blame mentality towards self responsibility.


From an unsure entrepreneur afraid of getting it wrong, to embracing mistakes and recognising the learning outcomes of them.


From burnt out and ready to just quit, to resilient, motivated, tenacious.


To living a life I was proud of, that I loved, that I created!


And finally due to this transformation I had gone from broke to abundant.


Now I’m not saying this was an overnight achievement, or that I didn’t have to put some effort into it.


But I am saying that with a bit of consistency and determination the road wasn’t that hard, but the results were out of this world!


I have seen them, I have experienced them and I have coached them!


They are their for the taking!


And this is why I have created this fantastic FREEBIE for you.


If you want the results that my clients have been seeing, and if you want to create a mindset for success and build the life you love, then just click the link and it is all yours!




Now I share ton of extra stuff in my facebook community, why not come hang out and work on your mindset to make you unstoppable!


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