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16 Jul 2017


MY MONEY BLOCK JOURNEY!   When I first heard about money blocks I thought damn is this magical mystical thing the one thing that is blocking me from making the money I so desperately wanted? Was this the one mindset issue that I hadn’t begun to overcome?   That had to change! I had to know what the secret key was because I knew I was ready for the money to come rolling in.   You see all my life […]

17 Jun 2017

Don’t let your Mindset be the thing that holds you back!

Do you ever sit and ponder about where you life is going and where it has been?   Don’t let your Mindset be the thing that holds you back!   I did that recently and I really had a big WOW moment.   My first business was in MLM, I was desperate, financially I was a mess, so although I was worried that I would fail I simply had very little other options.   One of my fears when I […]

03 Jun 2017

8 Key reasons why Journaling can improve your life & business!

8 Key reasons why Journaling can improve your life & business!   I love journalling,I can do really easily and at anytime during the day and it really brings me so much clarity.   But journalling is more than just a fun activity to do it is also a form of therapy.     Now journalling has been around for years but first began getting noticed for its psychological benefits in the 1960.   People began to notice how powerful […]

21 May 2017

Using Mindset to improve your work life balance

Using Mindset to improve your work life balance So how is your work life balance at the moment?   Are you working, working, working to pay your bills?   Is extra time at working running into your family life, because you want to get that promotion because it will mean so much to you?   So the work, life balance, who is winning at that one?   We are in the age of technology which you would think would make […]

14 May 2017

Mental Health Awareness Month

How to cope when your partner shuts down So May is Mental Health Awareness Month!   This is one that’s totally close to my heart. So I decided to write a blog but from the perspective of the person supporting someone with Mental Health Issues.   Mental health is one of the most prevalent conditions that not only the Uk faces but worldwide. It’s estimated that 1 in 6 people will suffer a common mental health issue each week, and […]

07 May 2017


HOW TO CONTROL YOUR FEAR!   Hey ladies I wanted to come on here and chat with you about something that I get a lot of questions about and it’s all about fear.   So I get asked a lot how can i get rid of fear, well I’m gonna be honest with you, you don’t ever get rid of fear. In fact you don’t want to get rid of fear completely, heck no fear is what keeps you safe […]

05 Aug 2016
Positive self talk


Why POSITIVE SELF TALK is so important! How well is your positive self talk? Let me ask you a question, when your out with your friends and their hair look nice would you tell them or your at your kids sports day and they did really well, you would let them know right? Your talking to them in a positive way and noticing something good about them or their achievements. We are so good at giving out positivity to other, […]

03 Jul 2016

PowerFocus Product Review

I’m really excited to be reviewing PowerFocus by Brain Power over the next 30days! I’ve agreed to review PowerFocus as the product is all natural and I can see where all it’s benefits would complement what I am working towards in my life. PowerFocus is for anyone who wants better focus, memory and concentration so it is perfect for entrepreneurs, photographers, athletes, students and the elderly who all want better brain health and function. One Week of PowerFocus I’ve been taking PowerFocus now […]

05 Jun 2016
Showing Up For Yourself

How I Showed Up For Myself Using Affirmations

Showing Up For Yourself Is Important Showing up for yourself is important  for two reasons. Firstly if you are not showing up for yourself you will be stopping yourself from growing, learning, experiencing, all the exciting things this life has to offer! Secondly not showing up for yourself is damaging for YOU as it feeds the lack of belief, the negative talk, the negative image you hold of yourself and stops you in your tracks from succeeding in life. I […]

09 May 2016

Courageous Women Thrive

Being Courageous So We Can Thrive Women who are willing to push through the struggles, push through the fear and go after what they really want are COURAGEOUS and are women that THRIVE! And you can be one of those women too, but to be courageous you need to address your current situation by ask yourself one question. Is what your doing right now giving you want you what?? Now if your really serious about thriving then don’t rush this […]