8 Key reasons why Journaling can improve your life & business!

8 Key reasons why Journaling can improve your life & business!


I love journalling,I can do really easily and at anytime during the day and it really brings me so much clarity.


But journalling is more than just a fun activity to do it is also a form of therapy.  


Now journalling has been around for years but first began getting noticed for its psychological benefits in the 1960.


People began to notice how powerful it was to gain better focus, to bring clarity to any conflicted, concerning or confusing issues we are having in our lives and it also released tension.


Infact journalling has so many more benefits than you first think of -


  1. It boosts your immune system.
  2. It helps with your mental health.
  3. It increases your IQ.
  4. It evokes mindfulness which is directly linked to happiness, something we are all looking to improve.
  5. Boosts your memory.
  6. Raises your emotional intelligence.
  7. Strengthens your self discipline.
  8. Improves self discipline.

Now tell me who doesn’t want to improve any of those?




You see journaling not only hits your creativity but it also supports your health, which is super important for us all but especially entrepreneurs who can face burn out on a regular basis.


And there are so many different types of journalling to choose from


Dream journalling


Time capsule journalling


Specific topic journalling, like an exercise journal


Project journaling


The list is endless


But let’s focus on just 3 of them that can boost productivity in your business.


1. A gratitude Journal

2. A Personal Development Journal.

3. A Creative Journal


Gratitude journals are a great way to start journalling as they are quick to do so can easily fit into your busy life


Its best to write your journal once a week at around the same time to make sure you create a habit.


Write down 5 things that you are grateful for that week.


Now it’s great if you can be specific but don’t get too hung up on that at first, it can just be a simple sentence saying I am grateful I woke up on time each morning this week.


If you have an event that you want to write about go into details about how you feel about that event or person and why you are grateful about it.


The idea behind gratitude journalling is to open us up to how many good things happen in our lives that we sometimes miss and end up not appreciating. In a short space of time you will find that your whole outlook changes and you see the positive things more quickly.


A Personal Development Journal. This type of journal is a great for us entrepreneurs as it’s really similar to goal setting. It’s a fantastic tool to which can help us grow and learn by examining what areas we need to focus on.


Basically to get a Personal Development Journal going all you need to do is begin by writing down who are are, and what your strength, weakness, skill and talents are.


Then write down where you are in life right now and what you would like to change.


Then finally write down where you want your life to be in the next 2 to 5 years, what areas you need to work on to accomplish this and a time frame to keep you on track.


So for example if you want to go on a particular course but it doesn’t begin till the end of the year write it down with a date along with when you need to apply and when you need to pay. Then attach the reason why you need to do the course and how it will help you on your journey.


If it’s certain books you want to read say you will read at least once a month


Each week go to your journal and have a look at how you are going with accomplishing your goals.


It’s as simple as that!


This really helps us to clarify our journey and stops us from procrastinating or just floating around waiting for the right time to do these things that we need to do to progress.


The last journal in I want to share with you is the Creative Journal.


This type of journalling is most definitely should be included into your daily routine if you are wanting to build a strong business


This is a journal where we write down all our ideas that we have and it can be described as brain dumping, but instead of just writing about everything we are only focusing on business ideas and activities.


So for this one you need to book in a bit of time to yourself daily to just sit, meditate if you’d like, and get writing. I would suggest either first thing in the morning or for some of you guys doing it just before you turn in for the night might work better.


It’s important not to try and do it in any order or on any particular theme (the only theme is business), just try to go with the flow.


Once you have finished read through it and get it into some form of order so that you can begin to create some fantastic work in your business.


TOP TIP – I also like to expand on this during the day so I carry a note book around with me and add anything extra if I get an inspired idea or if I want to expand on one that I already have written down.


Finally if you are really struggling with journalling you could  try doing what Gretchen Rubin suggest, and just write one sentence per day in a journal. This will get you into the habit of journaling and is a great way to start off if you are struggling with what to say or write down.


So now you know a bit more about the different types of journaling, which one do you think you might try?


If you want to get your journaling off to a flying start, why not download my 50 Free Journal Prompts. Just click the link and it’s all yours


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